Dental Implants

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The standard for replacing missing teeth for many years required cutting down the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth or teeth in order to place a fixed bridge. With the advent of dental implants, a much better and more conservative solution is now available.

Replacing a missing tooth or teeth with dental implants not only preserves healthy adjacent teeth, but it preserves the bone level around the implant as well. Dental implants can be placed with little to no discomfort with great clinical predictability.

Dental Implants - Before After Picture

Once the implant has become firmly attached to the bone, we restore the missing tooth with a natural looking crown that is cemented onto the implant. Many patients are benefiting from the placement of dental implants and restoring their smiles along with the ability to chew better.

For denture wearers, we are seeing amazing life improving results through the use of dental implants to secure the denture and keep it from floating or moving around. We also get the added benefit of bone level preservation. Denture wearers that utilize dental implants can wear their dentures with confidence.

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